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About Us

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Who we are

It feels good to know that your future is supported by a real person, not just a big business or faceless institution — someone who cares enough to take the time to know you, understand you and be there to work with you on an ongoing basis. At Western Pacific, that’s how we empower you to make the right financial decisions.

A bit of history…

In 1985 a select group of Australia’s leading financial advisors shared a common vision to create a client focused financial advisory business. These advisors joined forces and formed ‘Western Pacific’. They created a business with the mission to work together to empower clients, without being constrained by rigid structures laid down by financial institutions, banks, investment houses or insurance companies. Since that time, Western Pacific Financial Advisors have helped thousands of Australians work towards their personal financial goals.

Today, Western Pacific Financial Group Pty Ltd (Western Pacific) is a wholly owned subsidiary of SFG Australia Limited. SFG Australia Limited is a leading, non-aligned, client focused financial advice and end-to-end wealth management firm, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Being non-aligned means SFG Australia is not owned by a bank, insurance company or fund manager.

At Western Pacific, each practice is privately owned, operated and managed by local advisors who work under the guidance, support and authority of Western Pacific. This ensures that all clients receive sound, high quality advice that meets the best practice standards set by SFG Australia. The ownership structure also encourages client-focused enterprise with a high personal service focus. Western Pacific holds an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL). This means we are licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) to provide you with advice on a range of financial issues and products.

Our Philosophy

We empower you

We know that you want to make the right decisions when it involves you and your family’s lives.

However, whether it’s due to lack of time or knowledge, you sometimes feel that you are not in the best position to make the most informed decisions.

Western Pacific Financial Advisors empower you to make the right decisions by providing smart, personal advice that explores options and delivers flexible strategies and plans for you.

We proactively communicate market changes, relevant opportunities and your progress, giving you the confidence to continue making sound financial decisions.

Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Our team is passionate about keeping in touch with clients regularly and providing a relaxed and understanding service. We are proud of the fact that the majority of our clients are introduced via referrals as a result of the relationships we enjoy.