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Great Results from our Advice

Advice for each stage of life

Here is a short list of just some of things we have done for clients…

  • Helped a client uncover savings of $ 9,500 per year in investment fees by moving him into an ultra-low cost quality superfund.
  • Built a detailed cash flow model and plan demonstrating how a pre-retiree couple (one with serious health problems) can retiree at 55 in 7 years with more income than they have now.
  • Built a large investment portfolio for a client who sold a business, across direct property, shares, bonds, funds and cash.
  • Used the superfund rules to reduce an employed Manager’s PAYG tax bill by $28,000 p.a.
  • Identified the financial issues in buying an off-the-plan property that had huge hidden body corporate costs of $25k per year and referred the client to one of the property experts in our network of experts to assist the client in making a more informed decision.

  • Helped a client who sold a business to build a cash flow model using his business proceeds.

  • Helped a recently widowed 62 year old lady sell a poorly performing property and restructure the investment mix to give her a tax free income of $150,000 per annum, for life.
  • Helped a client transition from a large SMSF into an IDPS Wrap to reduce the administration burden associated with SMSFs.

  • Revamped a client’s life and disability insurance to better suit his needs and objectives while at the same time saving him $7,700 per annum and providing him with an insurance provider with a stronger claims record.
  • Built a detailed financial strategy for two high income earning executives to pay off their home, buy a country retreat, and retire with a reliable income stream for life.

  • Advised a high income executive on the best structure for his new remuneration package to reduce his tax bill by $33,000 p.a.
  • Advised a retiree couple on how to get each of their three children into their first home without using mum and dad’s retirement fund. 
  • Alerted a business owner to a better tax structure for his family, then worked closely with his accountant to implement it and save him $73,000 tax.
  • Built a low cost superfund retirement portfolio for a self-managed superfund client to save her $8,200 in fees per year.
  • Built a very low risk portfolio of corporate bonds for a single retired lady to generate income of 7% p.a. compared to 3% p.a., providing a further $45,000 in income p.a.
  • In conjunction with the clients’ solicitors, built an estate plan to protect the family assets from a potentially “difficult son in law”.
  • Advised on a significant deceased estate, setting up trusts for 7 grandchildren to give them life-long income streams.
  • In conjunction with the family lawyers, provided financial guidance to both parties in respect to their divorce in order to reach a fair settlement that meant both parties were financially secure and happy with the outcome.

All these examples above were done on a fee for service basis.

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Our team is passionate about keeping in touch with clients regularly and providing a relaxed and understanding service. We are proud of the fact that the majority of our clients are introduced via referrals as a result of the relationships we enjoy.